In an effort to gauge my physical readiness for Kilimanjaro, I planned to summit three 14,000 ft. peaks within the course of 24 hours. First Bierstadt (14,065ft.), then Grays (14,278 ft.) and Torreys (14,275 ft.). About a month ago, Kurt and I left Grays Peak feeling slightly defeated when we saw the sign pointing the way to Torreys Peak from the summit. We were already spent and hadn’t even considered hiking both peaks.  We had after all, unintentionally, scaled straight up to the summit through snow fields instead of taking the longer winding path up the side. Maybe we felt a little like quitters. Speaking for myself, I felt like a quitter. As soon as that path presented itself, I knew I’d be back shortly to take on both peaks. So, here is the last big training hike. I’m glad to report that we’re 100% ready to take on Kili.

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